About our program

We are a webcam modeling agency that has agreements with several of the big name cam sites. In many ways, we are no different than traditional modeling agencies. We work to recruit talented models, set them up with cam sites, and then bring clients to the models so that they can be successful. Not only do we offer low commission, free support, and free advertising, we also have a network of websites to bring clients directly to you! All you need is a little time, an internet connection, a webcam, and the willingness to have some naughty fun!

Why choose us?

  • We know both the technical and business side of webcam modeling
  • We respect you, and treat you as a partner
  • We advertise for you and help you to establish a customer base
  • We leverage our large member base (over 30k) to push traffic to your cam
  • Very low commission
  • We will help get you started, and continue to support you if you need help – free of charge

Join our team today, and get paid tomorrow!

We are Cam Girl branding experts - Grow your followers with us

A real example from just 2 hours of work per day!

What do I need?

  • You need a computer made within the last five years
  • A webcam made within the last two years. We recommend Microsoft or Logitech HD Webcams
  • A high speed internet connection 5Mb+
  • You will need a photo ID for age verification. We will need a photo of your ID, and a photo of you holding your ID.

Ready to start making real money from the comfort of your own bedroom?

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